Are the Olympus EVF 2 and Leica EVF 2 the same?

This weekend I am lucky enough to be testing the shiny new Leica X2, along with all of its (expensive) accessories.

It struck me that the Leica X2 EVF2 looks a lot like the Olympus EVF 2. Yup, it would appear that they are identical.

Just to test I put the Leica EVF 2 on my Olympus XZ-1 and it works perfectly!  And as an added bonus, it looks pretty cool having the Leica badge adorning my humble XZ-2.

Even better news for those thinking of getting the Leica X2 is that the Olympus EVF 2 is around £200, nearly £160 cheaper than the £360 cost of the Leica EVF 2…. and there is the option to get the Olympus EVF 2 in silver – matching the body of the Leica X2.

As for the Leica X2, well, so far it is an impressive camera. Hopefully the weather will brighten for a few hours at some point so I can have the chance to go out and test it properly.

Look out for my full test of the camera in a forthcoming issue of Amateur Photographer Magazine

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